13 December 2011

Svart, Ever So Appropriate

Dear Ann-Sofie Back, 
Thank you, for being so kind & designing the most perfect shoes for me. I'll forever be grateful to you. 

 Yours sincerely, 
Linus Leonardsson

What do you think about that as a letter? I was thinking whether or not to send a note to Cheap Monday's designer miss Back, thanking her for designing the shoes I bought just two days ago. 
I'm really mad for them. In their imperfection of rawness they are so perfect.

- Linus

6 December 2011

Mais Je Suis Un Artiste

If you haven't already (which I however do expect you to already have, but hey, better late than never, no?) seen the newest of miss Gaga's video-masterpieces, I strongly recommend you to.

Honestly, I think this is one of her very best videos, the beginning anyway. It's mind breaking! The song isn't my favourite out of the album, but this, this is film-art at its finest. The outfits, the choreography, the story & the cereals.. It all blends together to beautifully.

It was made public a few days ago, & only within the 48 first hours it hit the 5 million mark at Youtube. I get it why, I get it why. Do you?

- Linus

19 November 2011

We Are Shadows

Sweater, shirt & chinos by ReUnion, shades by Topman, boots by Dinsko.
The days are getting darker & darker now. Honestly, it's twilight at 4 PM! Luckily it's not too cold yet, as it usually is in November. There's always something positive I suppose!

Speaking of other things.. I urge to buy Irreverent! Don't you too? For really, who can resist Carine Roitfeld? The only problem is that it's practically sold out everywhere. So I guess I'll have to wait for another few days to get my hands on a copy.

Now I have to run, I'm going out soon with Rebecca & Linnéa. See you later folks!

- Linus

15 November 2011

The Jacket

I'm Wearing: Antonin wool jacket by Bruno Pieters for Weekday, Jeans by Cheap Monday

 So finally. I have got the one piece from the Bruno Pieters for Weekday collection that I simply couldn't get out of my head; this Antonin wool jacket.

I really love it so & it's so soft & I really wish you could all just touch it. Expect more pictures with it. Oh & also! As you've most likely noticed - the blog's design is changed. What do you think?

- Linus

11 November 2011

My House, My Rules, My Pleasure

So, I'm not the best updater in the world. Yet. I'm working on it. I'm also working on this blog. Trying to get creative. I got my new camera three days ago you see, so I'm currently figuring it out.. Anyway, I'm not dead & I'll upload some Copenhagen pictures later on. I'll be better, promise. Until then, you can watch this.

I swear I played it on repeat 6 times in a row. Donatella, you're great.

- Linus

3 November 2011

Post From A Danish Hotel

So in this very moment I'm in a hotel room in the central part of Copenhagen. My feet are hurting & I'm pretty darn frozen, but it's so worth it. Copenhagen is such a beautiful city with so much to see, but I'll tell you more about that when we're back in Sweden again, for typing it down using my iPhone as I am would require too much effort & time, hehe.

P.S. I hope this post looks alright, this is my first time with the Blogger App.

23 October 2011

Versace + H&M + Polyvore

You all know about the Versace & H&M collaboration, I bet. Coming in less than a month things are starting to come together now, especially among the brands themselves. Soo, the other day I noticed this competition they have started up to praise to collaboration! Together with Polyvore a collage-competition in honour of the coming collection has been started where 10 people a day will win an exclusive scarf that will not hit the stores & also three complete outfits out from the new-launching Versace classics. And what feels even better is; Donatella will choose her favourites personally.

In all honesty I think that getting your set confirmed as better than thousands of other polyvorians by Donatella herself is quite a good prize, too. The competition is held here & the winners are announced here.

Now get yourself to work.

- Linus

19 October 2011

I Thought For 10 Minutes What To Title This

I didn't come to a solution.

Fall is here! The cold mornings, the big knits, the rainy days, the big knits, the dark nights, the big knits. Soon it's also time for holiday again, which means I'll be going to Copenhagen, is that not great, huh? I promise to take a lot of beautiful pictures of this beautiful town & show them to you. However that's about two weeks left. Until then a lot of things will have happened! For example I'll turn 15 years old next week, fi-na-lly I'll get to see Saw, fuck & go to jail all legally! And really, how great is that not?
I'm Wearing: Jacket by Weekday, Shoes by Rockport, Knitted Sweater  & Chinos by ReUnion, Hat & Scarf by H&M
- Linus

14 October 2011

Bruno Pieters + Weekday


Oh-la-la! Belgian designer Bruno Pieters' collection for Weekday was released today. The campaign looks beautiful, in my opinion, & so does the clothes. The rough oversize style fits me perfectly! How about you?

P.S. The makeover is practically done! I haven't been nice to this blog lately with my absence, but things are about to change! I've got some plans, so just hold on. (-;

- Linus

29 August 2011


Hello all! How are you? Recently I've been absent from the blog. It's because of various reasons (school started, I've been sick etc.) however, the most important reason is that I've got a makeover coming up for this very blog! New header, new formats, new posts, new everything! So stay tuned for the comeback, it shouldn't take long.

Much love!

- Linus

24 August 2011

The College Sweater

Trends. Something very familiar for us all. They cone & go, some are nice, some are not. However we may like them, they'll always return. Sooner or later all trends return. The most recent return of a trend is the college sports chic style, which was seen only 2 years ago when all the fuzz in the fashion industry was pointed at Alexander Wang & his sporty yet ever so chic S/S 2009 RTW collection. Now however it's seen again, for this fall! Oh yes.
My favourites are from Acne.
For this season labels such as Givenchy, Acne, Weekday & Moschino went all in for the trend. My personal favourites are the ones from Acne, which in different colours mix the world together. The dogs at the Givenchy ones or the stripes at the Moschino ones didn't really fit me, however the new-thinking is brilliant!

Another thing I love about these sweaters are that they're fantastic for both men & women, it's an unisex dream! For example the beautiful Elin Kling rocked a blue & white college sweater by Weekday the other day. I myself however yet only owns this vintage one from Acne, however I'm planning to purchase some more until fall sets in.. What about you?

- Linus

19 August 2011

Les Femmes du Nord

So, two days ago I would have gone off toward Copenhagen, Denmark. I'd have came home tomorrow days. However as you possible noticed by this post, I'm Not in Denmark at the moment! Shocking, is it not? Well plans does not often, if ever, turn out the way they were supposed to from the beginning. What happened was that my step-father, Dennis, rapidly grew a terrible ache in his ear. So, no Copenhagen for now. Another time!

However, while waiting to know whether we'd go or not I browsed through some facebook pages. Ending up on Fotografiska's I realized that September 1 is soon to come & with that one of the museum's greatest shows this year is to close down! Ah! Maybe you know which I'm talking about, maybe you don't. However the case is, et voila! C'est les femmes du nord en Chanel:

If you're not already familiar with this photographic phenomena, let me introduce Northern Women in Chanel for you! As you can hear by the name of it it's a series of photos with northern women, Scandinavian models in other words, dressed head-to-toe in Chanel! All the shots has also been taken in familiar areas in Scandinavia. I'm personally in love with this show & was stunned by some of the photos while walking the dark rooms, observing the bright photographic arts in the museum.These photos shown above are only four out from around 100 other lovable photographs which are currently being shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm. The photos are also published in a book which can be bought here on the creators, Peter Farago & Ingela Klemetz-Farago, official publishing site. What is even better with this is that parts of the income is given to Save The Children foundation.

This is most likely one of the closest collaborations in Chanel's history. The photographer Peter Farago has got a long history within fashion photographic with clients such as Russian Vogue & was thereby a few years back invited to lunch with the crew of Chanel. On this lunch he told them about their plans & apparently, they must have loved the idea.

- Linus

15 August 2011

Til København!

Today & yesterday I was pretty pissed. The Stockholm Fashion Week website wouldn't work for me, so I couldn't access ANY of the collections from the past Stockholm Fashion Week! Ah it drove me crazy. So no more reviews from it, unfortunately. I'll get to check them out in a few weeks or so, when they're leaked out everywhere instead. Sad, I know, but true.

Anyhow! Tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen! One & a half week late for its fashion week, but whatever! Copenhagen is a certainly beautiful city, so I'll do my best to enjoy myself anyway. Practically I just wanted to inform about that I'll have no access to internet connections while being there, but I'll come back on Saturday. Although when I get back I'll go to Stockholm instead for to the computer. It's the final day of the Ung 08-week there & The Voice is holding a concert which I & some friends will hopefully go to, if everything sorts out nice. So I'll see you folks on Sunday! Until then, take care beautifuls'!

- Linus

11 August 2011

SFW Reviews: Cheap Monday

Finally! Oh finally I sat down & took a look at the Cheap Monday S/S 2012 collection. Was I disappointed? No. Rather surprised! The shapes, the bright colours & the different fabrics made this collection really retro. Retro all through, to be exact. But from different decades. In the collection I saw influences form the 60's, the 70's, the 50's & the 90's. Such a wide range of different decades all put together into one was quite a shock at first. Especially as I'm not the typical retro-dude, but after looking more closely & watching it again I realized 'hey, this isn't so bad! It's pretty great!'. 

I did however like the styling from first sight! The flowing, super-straight hairs on the gals & the roughly messed hair on the lads looked nothing but fierce & it certainly went superbly with the colourful clothing. Being so basic it rather made the clothing look even better, being such a strong contrast & all. Here's a sample with my favourite outfits of the collection. You can watch the entire one by clicking here.

They're pretty beautiful, don't you think? I know I'm a big fan of the shoes. First the classical, old-men inspired ones & then mixed with sheer, plastic mini's in different colours. Funny yet fashionable!

- Linus

Walking In the Rain of Joy

So yesterday I & my sister Alva decided to take a walk. We walked crazy much. First in the forenoon. Then in the afternoon as well. This did however make me miss the live-watch of Cheap Monday's show I had planned in, but oh-well, walking with my sister was a pleasure, the Cheap Monday collection would have to wait for today. Do expect a review from it soon.

 I'm Wearing: Scarf & White Sweater by H&M, Blue Sweater by Acne, Jeans by Cheap Monday, Shoes by Converse
Alva's Wearing: Umbrella by H&M, Pants by Gina Tricot, Jacket by Vero Moda, Shoes by Vagabond, Shirt by Sisters, Scarf by Accent.

I hope you're all having a good day, spending time with people you love too. However you should stay tuned for a Stockholm Fashion Week mania, for at the moment I'm truthfully a maniac for it.

- Linus

8 August 2011

A Sincerely Cheap Monday

Today was a nice day. The weather was chilly & everyone was in a good mood, which was nice. Also, tomorrow is the start of Stockholm Fashion Week! Ah haha, I'm very thrilled. Very thrilled, indeed. Did I mention I'm thrilled? Oh, well I'm thrilled.

I'm very much looking forward to Cheap Monday's show, which will happen this Wednesday. Their most recent collection literally blew me away, phew! I hope this one will too. Even if it's only half as good I'll be delighted. But it certainly won't. No, I'm sure it won't. It's Cheap Monday we're talking about! Revolutionary design at its finest & certainly one of my newest favourites. I hope to be able to pick some stuff up from the collection later on in some Weekday store in Stockholm.

Anyhow, apart from sitting daydreaming about the coming Stockholm Fashion Week today I've also celebrated my sister & step-brother's birthday, a very pleasant gathering I must say.

I'm Wearing: Sweater by Reunion, Black Sweater by Granit, Hat by H&M
Now I'm off to bed I think. Tomorrow I'll hopefully plan some for Copenhagen next week, unfortunately I'm one week late to feel the fashion-vibe completely, however I hope there will be some of it left. Like it always is. Copenhagen is a beautiful city.

- Linus

6 August 2011

CFW Reviews: Benedikte Utzon

It's over. It's done. Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2012 is officially complete. Am I relieved that I no longer have to scream out loud & destroy my throat out of admiration or am I in a deep coma of sadness because it's over? A mixture of both I suppose, hm.

Anyhow, whatever the case is, it's being completed fully today with Avia of Scandinavia's show at Center Boulevard 5. This being a brand which isn't in my must-see list does it feel like it's already done. But oh-my what collections there have been! Copenhagen Fashion Week let my fire up for Scandinavian fashion labels, again! One of my definite favourites of the week was Benedikte Utzon, the Dane with a pure sense of elegance & style. Her collection was thrilling. Not only because of the clothing & fashion, but I must admit only her name makes me mad enough to jump up & down.

The collection is beyond chic! The shapes, the colours & especially the accessories in form of golden plated jewelry [!!] me feel all fussy inside. Although, it was the make up which made me fall down on my knees & swear eternal faith for Benedikte. Just look at it! The bright, light face. The heavy black eyebrows. The strict hair. It's high fashion make up in its finest form.

The choice of fabrics for the garments was also smashing. I mean, how many can really work shimmering pink glitter capes & all-golden jackets like she did? I'd say not many, at all. I don't know what to say more now, observe & admire instead! Bravo Benedikte, bravo!

*Video from Copenhagen Fashion Week's Website

- Linus

5 August 2011

Welcome to Kharma

I'm wearing: Vintage Shirt by Joy, Chinos by Blueprint, Shoes by Converse, Shades by ReUnion
Hello & warmly welcome to Kharma, the new blog created for the arts of fashion. I'm Linus, founder, owner, main-editor or whatever one wishes to call it here. This fashion-sphere will contain posts about everything related to fashion & creativity. This being such a large area of expertise, I'm not all-knowing in it. But that's also a point of this blog - to learn. Learn new things about fashion, learn new things about persons, learn new things about the world. 

Anyhow I won't babble on for an eternity. Just for a few more sentences. I'm as said Linus, born in October fifteen years ago, in year one-nine-nine-six. Living in Sweden, in a tiny town close to Stockholm. Art is my life philosophy, where fashion takes up most of that word's meaning. I hope that you'll enjoy it here in the sphere of Kharma & I also hope that I'll get a new camera soon. 

- Linus