6 August 2011

CFW Reviews: Benedikte Utzon

It's over. It's done. Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2012 is officially complete. Am I relieved that I no longer have to scream out loud & destroy my throat out of admiration or am I in a deep coma of sadness because it's over? A mixture of both I suppose, hm.

Anyhow, whatever the case is, it's being completed fully today with Avia of Scandinavia's show at Center Boulevard 5. This being a brand which isn't in my must-see list does it feel like it's already done. But oh-my what collections there have been! Copenhagen Fashion Week let my fire up for Scandinavian fashion labels, again! One of my definite favourites of the week was Benedikte Utzon, the Dane with a pure sense of elegance & style. Her collection was thrilling. Not only because of the clothing & fashion, but I must admit only her name makes me mad enough to jump up & down.

The collection is beyond chic! The shapes, the colours & especially the accessories in form of golden plated jewelry [!!] me feel all fussy inside. Although, it was the make up which made me fall down on my knees & swear eternal faith for Benedikte. Just look at it! The bright, light face. The heavy black eyebrows. The strict hair. It's high fashion make up in its finest form.

The choice of fabrics for the garments was also smashing. I mean, how many can really work shimmering pink glitter capes & all-golden jackets like she did? I'd say not many, at all. I don't know what to say more now, observe & admire instead! Bravo Benedikte, bravo!

*Video from Copenhagen Fashion Week's Website

- Linus

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