24 August 2011

The College Sweater

Trends. Something very familiar for us all. They cone & go, some are nice, some are not. However we may like them, they'll always return. Sooner or later all trends return. The most recent return of a trend is the college sports chic style, which was seen only 2 years ago when all the fuzz in the fashion industry was pointed at Alexander Wang & his sporty yet ever so chic S/S 2009 RTW collection. Now however it's seen again, for this fall! Oh yes.
My favourites are from Acne.
For this season labels such as Givenchy, Acne, Weekday & Moschino went all in for the trend. My personal favourites are the ones from Acne, which in different colours mix the world together. The dogs at the Givenchy ones or the stripes at the Moschino ones didn't really fit me, however the new-thinking is brilliant!

Another thing I love about these sweaters are that they're fantastic for both men & women, it's an unisex dream! For example the beautiful Elin Kling rocked a blue & white college sweater by Weekday the other day. I myself however yet only owns this vintage one from Acne, however I'm planning to purchase some more until fall sets in.. What about you?

- Linus

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