19 August 2011

Les Femmes du Nord

So, two days ago I would have gone off toward Copenhagen, Denmark. I'd have came home tomorrow days. However as you possible noticed by this post, I'm Not in Denmark at the moment! Shocking, is it not? Well plans does not often, if ever, turn out the way they were supposed to from the beginning. What happened was that my step-father, Dennis, rapidly grew a terrible ache in his ear. So, no Copenhagen for now. Another time!

However, while waiting to know whether we'd go or not I browsed through some facebook pages. Ending up on Fotografiska's I realized that September 1 is soon to come & with that one of the museum's greatest shows this year is to close down! Ah! Maybe you know which I'm talking about, maybe you don't. However the case is, et voila! C'est les femmes du nord en Chanel:

If you're not already familiar with this photographic phenomena, let me introduce Northern Women in Chanel for you! As you can hear by the name of it it's a series of photos with northern women, Scandinavian models in other words, dressed head-to-toe in Chanel! All the shots has also been taken in familiar areas in Scandinavia. I'm personally in love with this show & was stunned by some of the photos while walking the dark rooms, observing the bright photographic arts in the museum.These photos shown above are only four out from around 100 other lovable photographs which are currently being shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm. The photos are also published in a book which can be bought here on the creators, Peter Farago & Ingela Klemetz-Farago, official publishing site. What is even better with this is that parts of the income is given to Save The Children foundation.

This is most likely one of the closest collaborations in Chanel's history. The photographer Peter Farago has got a long history within fashion photographic with clients such as Russian Vogue & was thereby a few years back invited to lunch with the crew of Chanel. On this lunch he told them about their plans & apparently, they must have loved the idea.

- Linus

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