11 August 2011

SFW Reviews: Cheap Monday

Finally! Oh finally I sat down & took a look at the Cheap Monday S/S 2012 collection. Was I disappointed? No. Rather surprised! The shapes, the bright colours & the different fabrics made this collection really retro. Retro all through, to be exact. But from different decades. In the collection I saw influences form the 60's, the 70's, the 50's & the 90's. Such a wide range of different decades all put together into one was quite a shock at first. Especially as I'm not the typical retro-dude, but after looking more closely & watching it again I realized 'hey, this isn't so bad! It's pretty great!'. 

I did however like the styling from first sight! The flowing, super-straight hairs on the gals & the roughly messed hair on the lads looked nothing but fierce & it certainly went superbly with the colourful clothing. Being so basic it rather made the clothing look even better, being such a strong contrast & all. Here's a sample with my favourite outfits of the collection. You can watch the entire one by clicking here.

They're pretty beautiful, don't you think? I know I'm a big fan of the shoes. First the classical, old-men inspired ones & then mixed with sheer, plastic mini's in different colours. Funny yet fashionable!

- Linus


  1. I'm absolutely agree, the shoes are gorgeous.
    Now I have to sneak into my dad's closet and snatch few pairs of her shoes :O

  2. Perfect for renewing our sense of style and trends because people has stuck with some kind of clothing for a very long while.