8 August 2011

A Sincerely Cheap Monday

Today was a nice day. The weather was chilly & everyone was in a good mood, which was nice. Also, tomorrow is the start of Stockholm Fashion Week! Ah haha, I'm very thrilled. Very thrilled, indeed. Did I mention I'm thrilled? Oh, well I'm thrilled.

I'm very much looking forward to Cheap Monday's show, which will happen this Wednesday. Their most recent collection literally blew me away, phew! I hope this one will too. Even if it's only half as good I'll be delighted. But it certainly won't. No, I'm sure it won't. It's Cheap Monday we're talking about! Revolutionary design at its finest & certainly one of my newest favourites. I hope to be able to pick some stuff up from the collection later on in some Weekday store in Stockholm.

Anyhow, apart from sitting daydreaming about the coming Stockholm Fashion Week today I've also celebrated my sister & step-brother's birthday, a very pleasant gathering I must say.

I'm Wearing: Sweater by Reunion, Black Sweater by Granit, Hat by H&M
Now I'm off to bed I think. Tomorrow I'll hopefully plan some for Copenhagen next week, unfortunately I'm one week late to feel the fashion-vibe completely, however I hope there will be some of it left. Like it always is. Copenhagen is a beautiful city.

- Linus


  1. Great photo dear :]
    Cheap MONDAY FTW!! Although their models are weird but they're always creative and their stuff are one of the best in the youth-common flaw :]
    I wish i could own one of their jeans ;]

  2. Nice picture Linus :) Hope you enjoy Stockholm fw :)

  3. Great top love Cheap Monday! Love your blog- following you :)