15 August 2011

Til København!

Today & yesterday I was pretty pissed. The Stockholm Fashion Week website wouldn't work for me, so I couldn't access ANY of the collections from the past Stockholm Fashion Week! Ah it drove me crazy. So no more reviews from it, unfortunately. I'll get to check them out in a few weeks or so, when they're leaked out everywhere instead. Sad, I know, but true.

Anyhow! Tomorrow I'm going to Copenhagen! One & a half week late for its fashion week, but whatever! Copenhagen is a certainly beautiful city, so I'll do my best to enjoy myself anyway. Practically I just wanted to inform about that I'll have no access to internet connections while being there, but I'll come back on Saturday. Although when I get back I'll go to Stockholm instead for to the computer. It's the final day of the Ung 08-week there & The Voice is holding a concert which I & some friends will hopefully go to, if everything sorts out nice. So I'll see you folks on Sunday! Until then, take care beautifuls'!

- Linus