5 August 2011

Welcome to Kharma

I'm wearing: Vintage Shirt by Joy, Chinos by Blueprint, Shoes by Converse, Shades by ReUnion
Hello & warmly welcome to Kharma, the new blog created for the arts of fashion. I'm Linus, founder, owner, main-editor or whatever one wishes to call it here. This fashion-sphere will contain posts about everything related to fashion & creativity. This being such a large area of expertise, I'm not all-knowing in it. But that's also a point of this blog - to learn. Learn new things about fashion, learn new things about persons, learn new things about the world. 

Anyhow I won't babble on for an eternity. Just for a few more sentences. I'm as said Linus, born in October fifteen years ago, in year one-nine-nine-six. Living in Sweden, in a tiny town close to Stockholm. Art is my life philosophy, where fashion takes up most of that word's meaning. I hope that you'll enjoy it here in the sphere of Kharma & I also hope that I'll get a new camera soon. 

- Linus


  1. Look at you. ;)
    Told you that you could be a male model!

  2. FUDGE!!!
    I thought my dream would never come true ;D
    I wish you luck with my heart ;D and ofcourse your first follower (:

  3. Wow, I thought it's someone else in this photo :)
    Good Luck with blog, Linus. ;)

    Cassie B.

  4. Oh how I love this picture of yours! I just read your adieu, but I can totally comprehend it. I somehow feel the same.. Anyway. I will definenetly be a passionate follower of this wonderful looking blog! :)

    Lots of Love, Melinda