19 October 2011

I Thought For 10 Minutes What To Title This

I didn't come to a solution.

Fall is here! The cold mornings, the big knits, the rainy days, the big knits, the dark nights, the big knits. Soon it's also time for holiday again, which means I'll be going to Copenhagen, is that not great, huh? I promise to take a lot of beautiful pictures of this beautiful town & show them to you. However that's about two weeks left. Until then a lot of things will have happened! For example I'll turn 15 years old next week, fi-na-lly I'll get to see Saw, fuck & go to jail all legally! And really, how great is that not?
I'm Wearing: Jacket by Weekday, Shoes by Rockport, Knitted Sweater  & Chinos by ReUnion, Hat & Scarf by H&M
- Linus


  1. 15? Aaaah, here in Englando you have to be 18 years of age to even get near that film :DDD Hahaha. Yes, take a lot of pictures deeear& Have a great time lovelie ^.^

    Ps; The outfit is banging! o: