19 November 2011

We Are Shadows

Sweater, shirt & chinos by ReUnion, shades by Topman, boots by Dinsko.
The days are getting darker & darker now. Honestly, it's twilight at 4 PM! Luckily it's not too cold yet, as it usually is in November. There's always something positive I suppose!

Speaking of other things.. I urge to buy Irreverent! Don't you too? For really, who can resist Carine Roitfeld? The only problem is that it's practically sold out everywhere. So I guess I'll have to wait for another few days to get my hands on a copy.

Now I have to run, I'm going out soon with Rebecca & Linnéa. See you later folks!

- Linus


  1. love the peter pan collar



  2. I love your blog, I follow you please visit my blog and follow me back! THANKS

  3. I really want Irreverent too!
    I've visited Scandinavia once & really love it..but don't like how it gets dark so early during winters!

  4. wow, lovely blog (:
    and i wish it would be colder.
    it's snow time, it's already december !

    xx, nati&tany