13 December 2011

Svart, Ever So Appropriate

Dear Ann-Sofie Back, 
Thank you, for being so kind & designing the most perfect shoes for me. I'll forever be grateful to you. 

 Yours sincerely, 
Linus Leonardsson

What do you think about that as a letter? I was thinking whether or not to send a note to Cheap Monday's designer miss Back, thanking her for designing the shoes I bought just two days ago. 
I'm really mad for them. In their imperfection of rawness they are so perfect.

- Linus

6 December 2011

Mais Je Suis Un Artiste

If you haven't already (which I however do expect you to already have, but hey, better late than never, no?) seen the newest of miss Gaga's video-masterpieces, I strongly recommend you to.

Honestly, I think this is one of her very best videos, the beginning anyway. It's mind breaking! The song isn't my favourite out of the album, but this, this is film-art at its finest. The outfits, the choreography, the story & the cereals.. It all blends together to beautifully.

It was made public a few days ago, & only within the 48 first hours it hit the 5 million mark at Youtube. I get it why, I get it why. Do you?

- Linus