1 January 2012

2012 - New Start

Happy new year lovers! As the new year is here, so are new chances. It's time to get away with the old & in with the new! So as the whole world is anyway spinning around with excitement for what the new year has to offer, I'm going to take the chance to do quite a major change with this blog. & with major, I really mean major:
We're switching the url kharmaticfellow for fashionvitj! This also means that the name of the blog will change, to, yeah, Fashionvitj. How about that?! (:

The actual move won't take place until January the 5th 2012, which is in 4 days. Then the current url will be replaced with a big picture only, which will redirect visitors to the new blog.

So, the date to remember is January 5th!
But don't worry - I'll remind you again & again again.

P.S. Don't mind the spelling-mistake in the picture, it's meant to be 'blogspot', not 'blogpot'.

Happy new year with Fashionvitj!
- Linus